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History of a passion...

Heat treatment furnaces

The know-how of Thermal Engineerig begins in far 1984, with the artisan production of heat exchangers. From heat exchangers, the company has migrated in what was the most prosperous market of the nineties in the area of Bassano, and begins to build furnaces for ceramic industry. The ceramic furnaces have undergone a great success, thanks to the energy savings given by the use of heat exchangers, already very improved, and flames preheaters. In a short time, the vast majority of the ceramic industry of the area chose Thermal Engineering.

The company engaged early specialized technicians and engineers who make it possible to enlarge the range of furnaces, expanding soon in the production of industrial furnaces for heat treatment. By working with companies in electronic field, Thermal Engineering creates one of the first microcontroller based process controller, designed and perfected for heat treatment furnaces.

The realizations of furnaces, where a lot: pit furnaces , chamber furnaces , bell furnaces , tunnel furnaces , Controlled atmosphere furnaces , both electric or gas. At the same time Thermal Engineering became famous worldwide thanks to agents and dealers all over the world.

In the last decade Thermal Engineering established an internal electronic department, which deals with the development of software currently used in the control of its furnaces, and the software it's also sold to other manufacturers. Now the electronic branch is engaged in the production of process control and automation systems, also for external requests.

Thanks to this, Thermal Engineering expands once again its know-how and covers a larger part of the market.